We provide data-driven solutions to make home buying fast, easy, and fun.

Pinpoinx takes the guesswork out of searching for a home. Homebuyers and real estate agents now have a single platform for all their needs. 

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Technology To Buy a Home Fast In Atlanta GA

Created by homebuyers and real estate agents for homebuyers and real estate agents

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Terrence Byrd, Founder

Pinpoinx Technologies, LLC was founded in 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia by Terrence Byrd - a Georgia Tech engineer who fell in love with his real estate side hustle. While growing his real estate agency, he noticed that the current way of working with buyers was inefficient and lacked innovation.

Understanding their frustration, he developed a method that his agents could use to meet the needs of today's homebuyer, grow their pipeline, and optimize their sales cycle. Over years of trial and error, he worked to automate his method and make it available to every homebuyer and real estate agent. Pinpoinx was created out of this desire to make a real estate solution that is useful, easy, and fun for both homebuyers and real estate agents.


Pinpoinx is available with properties within the state of Georgia ahead of a wider rollout across the US.